Forest Action Lab

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility.”

–  Wendell Berry – 


The Forest Action Lab focuses on framing innovation, research and development initiatives to support sustainable forest management in different operational environments. The multidisciplinary research in the Forest Action Hub applies a number of research methods including but not limited to productivity studies, practical field trials, modelling and estimating the effect of forest operations on the different layers of sustainability. This combination of different research methods and approaches is contributing to the successful adaptation and implementation of sustainable forest utilization in different operational environments. The unique background and varied skillset of Forest Action Hub members enable us to address the ever-growing diverse needs and demands of forestry stakeholders in BC, Canada and across the globe. The diverse nature of the Forest Action Lab is also reflected in the research portfolio which includes the following focus areas:

  • Sustainable use of forest biomass in the bioeconomy
  • Harvesting in difficult terrain
  • Application of innovative tools in forest planning and management
  • Productivity of forest operations
  • Carbon management along the forest supply chain
  • Impacts of reforestation on community sustainability